Going out in Glory

Superstar Carlos Beltran has announce he is retiring from playing baseball after playing more than twenty seasons with 8 didn’t ball teams.

I am not going to try to sum up Carlos, how great of a player he was and how he impacted the game. I’ll let him do that for you.

This link will take you to a phenomenal article that he wrote.  I was really moved by his words and how I will give guidance to my son if this is a dream he wants to pursue one day as well.



Opening Day

Baseball was one-hundred percent of my life.-Ty Cobb

My son and I used to play the “would you rather  game” when we would on road trips to baseball games. It’s the game where each person asks the other person which they would rather do between two unusual vaiables.  Our game had gone from the point of ridiculous questions to quite disgusting ones. Considering he is a 10 year old and I’m at 42 year old acting like a 10 year old,  I want worried about the disgusting questions, I’d grown tired of the game.  

So I asked him, “If you could watch any baseball player, alive or dead, play ball, who would it be?” 

He sat there in the car passenger seat and was stumped. Considering this is the boy when I asked him about which players on a particular team were good, he instantly names five players.  I let him sit there and think and he said he couldn’t  think of anyone.  I chuckled and gave him a hard time, but then asks, “Well, what about you?”

Of course I was prepared, I wouldn’t of asked the question if deep down I really wanted to know what he thought of my answers. “I think to watch the Mickey Mantle and Joe DiMaggio era of the New York Yankees would have been incredible.” My son’s head tilted to the side a little so he could maybe try to visualize it in his head. “Oh yeah, that would have been cool.”  But, the one I would wanted to see more than all, to see for myself if can he was as good or bad as they really say.  I would want to go see Ty Cobb play a game of his baseball. “Oh yeah Dad, that would be great.”

In that moment I like to think that I did my job to get my son to love baseball. Not just of the players he can idolize in his generation, but baseball throughout all of time. He knows about Ty Cobb, Babe Ruth, and Jackie Robinson. But he also knows the players of today. 

All of the postings that follow are not about vanity, but more of remembrance of baseball in my life and what it’ll have on my life in the future. 

My father wants to go to the Baseball Hall of Fame in a year with my son and I. 

Can’t wait to read what was on my mind from now until then, when we get there.

(By the way, no it’s not opening day, it’s actually almost to the playoffs. I just liked using the title on my first post)